What Fish for Aquaponics?


Struggling to find the right type of fish for your aquaponics system? Don’t worry, it’s normal! We’re going to help you find the best fish for your setup. This guide is going to be broken up in to multiple parts to give you as much detail as needed to help you make the best decisions.

Importance of Fish
Fish Choices
How much fish do you need? (Stocking density)
What to feed the fish?

aquaponic fish types

aquaponic fish types

Importance of Fish

As you may already know, the fish are the main nutrient source for your entire aquaponics system. Choosing the right fish can be a bit overwhelming at times with questions like…

What type of fish should I use?
How many fish should I put in my system?
What do I feed my fish?
So on and so forth…

So let’s get started.

Fish Choices

When it comes time to start adding fish to your aquaponics system you have quite a few choices that work well.  Things to be conscious of when choosing your fish is is your temperature of water, size of tank, and purpose(meaning if you want to raise to eat or not).

Most Popular Fish

  • Tilapia (most popular to raise if you would like them as food when they are fully grown)
  • Koi (easy to take care of, can live in a wide range of water quality, eats almost anything)
  • Goldfish (same as Koi, easy to take care of and are quite versitile)

Other fish raised in aquaponics:

  • Carp
  • Barramundi
  • Silver Perch, Jade Perch
  • Yellow Perch, Golden Perch,
  • Catfish
  • Large mouth Bass

If you’re just getting started I’d recommend giving Golfish a try.  They are very cheap so if mistakes you aren’t going to break the bank.  If you’re more serious and would like to make a bigger system and grow fish to eat, Tilapia is the fish for you.

Here is a quick rundown of what types of fish to use by Bright Agrotech’s youtube channel.

How much fish do I need?

Unfortunately there is no one rule of thumb or formula when it comes do getting the right amount of fish. It really depends on a few factors.

  • How much filtration you have in your system.
  • What your trying to do with your system.

A very rough measurement that some go by is for every 10 gallons of in your tank there should be 1LB of fish once they are full grown.  This is important because you don’t want to go out and buy the a bunch of baby fish and have an overstocked tank once they are full grown.  As I said, this is a rough estimate, you will need to adjust based on the water conditions you want.

It’s always better to start off with a smaller amount and keep an eye on the water conditions.  Remember, if there are too many fish, there won’t be enough filtration which will cause an over abundance amount of ammonia.  Too much ammonia WILL kill your fish.

Here is a great video explaining stock densities by Bright Agrotech

What to Feed Aquaponics Fish

Depending on the fish, there are many types of food.  For Golfish and Koi, simple goldfish flakes will do when they are small.  Once they get bigger you will need to get pellets or something similar.

Fish food is a whole subject in it self so I’d highly recommend reading this post.

Also remember, the amount you feed your fish is also going to depend on what type of water conditions you want. It’s recommended you check your levels(pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) often so you can ensure the water is stable enough for your fish, otherwise they may stressed and eventually die.  Based on water readings adjust the amount you feed.

Questions/Concerns/Comments?  Leave them below!

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