Types of Aquaponics Systems


Media Filled Beds

Media filled beds are the most common type of aquaponics systems as they are fairly easy to create and can come in all shapes and sizes.  These types of beds consist of a grow bed, media, fish tank, bell siphon and water pump.
Media Filled Growbed

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Grow Bed

The grow bed it self is just as it sounds, the actual location of where the plants will grow.  The width and depth is completely up to your preference and space allowed but the depth of the bed should be around 12” deep to keep deep rooted plants happy.  Grow beds can be made out of anything from Hydroponic grow beds to DIY wood beds lined with water proof plastic.


Grow bed media is simple what you will be filling your grow bed with.  There are many types of aquaponics media out there so it’s really up to your budget and personal preference.

Fish Tank

Fish tanks can be filled with all types of fish(see Aquaponics Fish) from Golfish to Trout and need to be big enough to support the size of your grow bed.

Bell Siphon
Bell siphons are critical for media filled beds. They allow for you plant roots to get the water and oxygen needed to thrive. You can learn more about bell siphons, how they work, and how to build them on our other post entitled Aquaponics Bell Siphons.

Water Pump
You can use almost any type of fish tank water pump. The typical rule of thumb is your water needs to fully cycle every hours so depending on the size of your tank you should get a pump that will cycle through.


Nutrient Film Technique (AKA. NFT)

Nutrient Film Technique Aquaponics

details coming soon…

Deep Water Culture (AKA. DWC)

Deep Water Culture Aquaponics

details coming soon…

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