How YOU Can Build a DIY Aquaponics System


DIY Aquaponics Guide


You can grow your very own, organic foods by building your own aquaponics system and we’re here to help you do that.

First and formost we will review the importance of having your own DIY Aquaponics System.  Then we will go over the basic designs and how to modify it for your specific needs.

And of course we will go over the instructions and materials needed and where you can get them.

To top things off we will provide you with exact detailed DIY plans to help you get it right the first time!

It’s our goal to make this guide as easy to follow as possible so you can get your DIY aquaponics system up and running in no time.


Why Build Your Own DIY Aquaponics System?

So, what’s the big idea about building your own DIY system? While a pre-made aquaponics system can work quite efficiently and we’ve had great luck with them, there is something so rewarding about making your own, not to mentioned a few additional benefits…

1. Cost
2. Education
3. Control

When it comes to pre-made systems your looking and dropping a minimum of $300 and upwards of $10,000(or more) depending on the size. When you build your own system, especially when just getting started to see if this is something you want to do for the long term, cost is a huge factor. One of our first system was made for only $80… and I know people who’ve gone even cheaper for about $30.

By getting in the trenches and having to figure out your plan, materials, and how to make them all work together you are going to learn a ton! When you buy a pre-made system, sure it works, but do you know how?

When it comes to a DIY system there are endless possibilities. No one is going to build a DIY system the same. Everyone is different in their wants and needs, everyones space to setup is not the same size so having the freedom to make it any way you want is going to give you control over the exact best setup for you and your family.

The Basic Setup

Before getting your hands dirty it’s important to have a basic understanding of the most common diy aquaponics setup. Looking at the image below, and in it’s simplest terms you have a fish tank and a grow bed. The fish poop which is turned into nutrients for the plants to grow, and the plants clean the water(by absorbing the nutrients) so the fish are happy.

It’s a complete, self sustainable system that produces delicious food for you and the family!


What You’ll Need

To get a basic DIY aquaponics system setup here is what you will need.

Fish Tank: This is obviously where the fish will live. It can be anything from a typical fish tank, to a plastic container, to a pond. This is where the fish will live, eat, poop, and generate the nutriets for your plants.

Grow Bed: Here is where your plants will grow. This can be purchased from any hydroponics shop or built on your own(the true DIY way). In the basic setup you will most likely have this filled with grow media(which is clay pebbles or rocks) that replace soil and support the root system of your plants. Other systems, such as a Nutrient Film Technique(NFT) or Deep Water Culture(DWC) are setup differently, depending on your needs.

Water Pump: Not a lot of explanation needed here. This is simply a water pump that pushes the water from the fish tank to the grow bed to keep the cycle going strong.

Bell Siphon: One of the coolest things I learned to make during my first build was the bell siphon. You see with a basic setup, or a media filled bed, if you simply pumped the water up into the grow bed and let it drain back at the same rate the roots would drowned. So what a bell siphon does is lets you filled the grow bed to a certain level, and then using air pressure it automatically kicks in and drains the grow bed at a very quick rate. This allows for the plants to get the water and nutrients, yet also get the air needed to stay alive. We will teach you how to make one of these later.

Step By Step Instructions

Alright, now that you are up to par on all the basics it’s time to take action!

If you are ready(I hope you are!) to start building your very own DIY Aquaponics system there are some step by step instructional videos that will save you a ton of time and money. Not to mentioned make things more clear and fun to do!

You can read our boring old posts all day long but nothing is more helpful than some good instructional videos.

To see the videos I’m talking about, click here and please come back and share some pictures or videos of your new system!


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