Aquaponics Bell Siphon



bell-siphonBell Siphons enable you to effectively run a media filled aquaponics system by using the laws of gravity.  To keep things simple the bell siphon acts as a way to drain your system faster than it’s filling up in order to allow oxygen to your plants roots.


How Bell Siphons Work

As your media filled bed fills up with water it hits a certain point(depending on your setup) where the water will start to drain.  If you simply had a drainage pipe it would fill and drain at the same rate.  The bell siphon uses atmospheric pressure build up to kick in a vacuum that makes your grow bed drain faster than it fills.  This is a continuous cycle that keeps your plants happy.

Here is a video that explain how bell siphons work using clear material so you can see the vacuum kick in.

Building a Bell Siphon

Building a bell siphon is actually a lot easier than it sounds so don’t over think it.

The University of Hawaii has created a fantastic bell siphon instructional manual you can find here.  If you follow the instructions you will have a working bell siphon in no time.

Best of luck and if you have any questions or comments leave them below!

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