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My name is Robert and I’m an Aquaponics fanatic! Over the last couple of years I’ve researched and experimented with everything related to building and maintaining Aquaponics systems.  There are so many variables that are involved with Aquaponics it’s a bit overwhelming at times.  My goal with DIY Aquaponics Guide it to give you the knowledge to learn everything you need to build and grow your very own Aquaponics system.  So let’s get started!


Aquaponics Knowledge Base

What is Aquaponics? – Let’s go back to the basics and really understand “What is Aquaponics”.

Types of Aquaponics Systems – Learn the most popular types of Aquaponics systems and figure out what is the best fit for you.

Aquaponics Media – Not sure what media(instead of soil) to use in your system?  No problem, we outlined a few simply rules to follow to ensure you buy the right media for your system.

Aquaponics Bell Siphon – Learn about bell siphons and how to build your very own for you aquaponics system.

Fish for Aquaponics – Having trouble figuring out what type of fish to add to your aquaponics system?  We’ve got you covered!

more articles in the works….

DIY Aquaponics

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